Rebecca James Team Member

Rebecca James

Role: Director of Network Development

Location: Dallas, TX

Hometown: Allen, TX


Known for her loud voice and infectious smile, Rebecca is clearly a people person. Her professional formation is rooted in business development within the start-up community over the last five years, giving her a unique perspective on a multitude of aspects within a company- most specifically curating sales teams and improving marketing techniques. Pairing past experience with her tenacity for client-focused problem solving, Rebecca is always on the hunt for innovative solutions with both new and existing clients.


Background and Philosophy

“People are my passion.” Whether it’s her family, friends, or clients- the same level of care and enthusiasm is paid to each individual with whom Rebecca interacts. She sees her role as a connector – whether that’s people to people, people to process, or people to passion. “There is a certain stigma when I say I work in sales. I am automatically lumped in with their last car salesman and my integrity is immediately questioned. For me, it’s important that I redefine what it means to be your first touchpoint with our brand. Our relationship isn’t a transaction- it’s a partnership. I want and should be considered an extension of your team, long after our initial conversation.” When she’s not working, Rebecca can be found hiking with her dog, curling up with a good book, or hunting down the best bowl of queso.


Why Are You Here?

I’m here, ultimately, to serve you. Through my time with Practice Secure, one thing has become very apparent: you have been told your whole career that owning a practice is the epitome of “success” but you have not been given the tools to do it successfully. You have received a top-notch education, gained invaluable clinical experience, and most likely been an associate under someone else’s leadership- but there is no crash course MBA alongside that journey. Instead, you endure headaches, hire the wrong people, invest in the wrong processes, and ultimately begin to question your decision to own and, even more impactful, yourself. I am here because unlike the other options out there, this product and this team actively work for you. I am here because I know what it takes to run a business, and it isn’t a one person job. And quite frankly, I am here because I am tired of hearing you are tired.