Raymond Team Member

Raymond Chang

Role: Strategic IT Advisor

Location: Richardson, TX


Raymond Chang offers top notch IT service in the healthcare industry with a focus on helping the medical entrepreneur.  He has been in IT for 28 + years and is a firm believer, that while IT is often pushed to the background, it is the true defender of your hard work. He offers expertise in actively managing this aspect of your company in order to prevent any potential security breaches.


Background and Philosophy

Raymond is a graduate from Texas Tech University, where he received a BS in Management Information Systems.  After graduation, Raymond launched his career at Texaco in Houston, where he began his career in IT.  He then worked for IBM from 1995 to 1998 before joining Nortel Networks/CSC.  Raymond worked for Nortel Networks from 1998-2007.  After Nortel Networks, he and a colleague from Nortel, Dat Nguyen, started a small business focusing on IT projects for dental offices working out of their garages.  After a few years they decided it was time for a bigger space and opened their office in Richardson and have been in business since that time. When he’s not working, Raymond loves to spend time with his wife and three children and bike ride along the community trails in Richardson. 


Why Are You Here?

My mission is not only to provide you guidance using my knowledge of IT services, but also to help prepare you for future business needs.