Mike Team Member

Mike Cao

Role: Strategic IT Advisor

Location: Richardson, TX


Mike Cao is dedicated to the day-to-day service of your IT systems. Mike has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and has worn a lot of different hats in the space- giving him a well rounded perspective on all aspects of the protection of a business.


Background and Philosophy

Mike started his career as an Electronic Components Manager at Fry’s Electronics in Plano, Texas.  After leaving Fry’s Electronics, he was hired on as a B2B Sales Manager at Tiger Direct Business in Dallas (Comp USA/Circuit City).  He then moved to Trend Micro Inc., providing AV/Firewall/Security solutions. Mike pursued his IT career with Dentek Systems Inc. from his experience starting from help desk and gradually moved up the ranks to Tier 2, Team Lead, Operations Manager. When he’s not working, Mike loves spending time with his wife and two girls, being outside, and working on cars. 


Why Are You Here?

My mission is not only to provide you with our IT product and services, but to also guide you and your team, ultimately being seen as both an advisor and an extension of your team.