Kara Team Member

Kara Kelley

Role: Strategic HR Advisor

Location: Georgetown, TX

Hometown: Abiliene, TX


Kara is an HR Consultant who loves sharing her knowledge of the business side of practice ownership. She is the founder and CEO of Clinical HR LLC, an advisory firm for practice leaders. As a SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Kara focuses on cultivating leadership skills, managing employee relations, and implementing competitive total rewards systems. She also works with practices to develop employee policies and establish compliant HR systems.


Background and Philosophy

After starting her consulting career at a CPA firm that served small dental and medical practices, Kara learned how critical the integration between finance, operations, and HR can be to a practice. Years of advising doctors on employee relations issues led Kara to the conclusion that so many of the HR issues practice leaders deal with are systemic, and most could have been avoided with the proper systems in place. Kara firmly believes using a proactive, integrative approach to developing strategic HR systems to build an employee-focused culture is key to achieving your practice goals.


Why Are You Here?

I’m here to help practice leaders build successful teams and automate the compliance side of HR. I’ve spent several years as the consultant doctors call when they need to “put out a fire” with a team member or auditor. Practice Secure will give leaders the opportunity to strategically and proactively lay a foundation to mitigate the systemic issues found in so many privately-owned practices. I am honored to be part of a like-minded group of experts who have a passion for helping practice owners realize their potential for success.