Jasmine Team Member

Jazmine McMorris

Role: Insurance Account Manager

Location: San Antonio, TX

Hometown: Austin, TX


With over four years of experience in the insurance industry, Jazmine brings unmatched expertise and a relentless passion for getting your practice the right insurance, for the right price. Her analytical mind paired with an extreme attention to detail makes Jazmine your secret weapon when determining the best policy and carrier for your specific needs. Jazmine makes it clear that she is dedicated to your best interest, she does not work for the insurance companies. Her dedication to each and every client will ensure you are not just another transaction and that your insurance program is best in class.

Background and Philosophy

As a seasoned insurance agent and business school graduate, Jazmine’s philosophy is to educate and empower her clients on a daily basis. Through her years of experience, she has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful medical practice and sees her role as your advocate and educator. “Insurance isn’t black and white- it’s confusing and doctors should not have to learn the ins and outs of the industry to get what they need. There’s a lot of unknowns and it’s my job to uncover your risk and actively provide the solutions that fill in those gaps.”  Jazmine understands the insurance industry is ever-evolving and works hard to remain an expert in the field on your behalf, providing an explanation of your needs that is digestible and approachable. When she’s not working, Jazmine can be found spending time with family and finding new forms of fitness.

Why Are You Here?

I’m here to serve the medical entrepreneur and assist in the decision making process when considering our products and services. My ultimate goal is to educate medical professionals on the products and services we offer while mitigating practice risk- so hopefully they never have to file a claim. There is always something new in the insurance world and I enjoy learning and figuring out efficient ways to implement these takeaways into your office. As an account executive for a small business, I have the luxury of creating an authentic relationship with you and your practice. I feel honored to see so many practices who I’ve helped at the ground level grow successfully as a result of having the right processes and policies in place.