Group Training For Dental Teams – 3 Ways Dentists Can Create Teams That Drive Growth

A more lively practice, less stress, organic productiveness, and new patient generation — that’s what the ideal group training for dental teams can help curate. So, how can we find CE or training courses for dental teams that can produce that? Here’s our top 3 things to look for in your courses to create teams that drive growth! 

If you’ve been in dentistry for 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years or more, you’ll have experienced firsthand all of the ways that the industry is evolving. It’s essential for your entire dental team to be on the same page.

  1. A Group Of Individuals Working In The Same Place Is Not Automatically A Team.

Teams are created. They don’t happen by chance.

Even with the most skillful team members, dental offices often work in many different areas that don’t overlap a lot — with some level of friction being the unavoidable result. Dental practices lacking in team cohesion deliver don’t always deliver the superb customer service you aim for, which negatively impacts your team’s productivity and ultimately reduces your practice’s profitability.

While it’s legally required for your dentists, hygienists, and assistants to earn a certain number of training hours each year, it’s detrimental for your team when everyone comes to work on a different page every day.

If you could all hear the same things, wouldn’t it be easier for your team to incorporate successful changes? By constantly looking for ways to help your staff learn new skills, cross training, and promoting active efforts for the team to be better at what they do — you’re investing in both your business and your team’s value! Work toward building a collaborative, cooperative team with a common goal to grow your practice’s productivity.

  1. Identify And Work Toward Common Goals.

Commonly, team members don’t have the best understanding of practice goals. With the daily bustle of your ractice, you might neglect to share information on a broad scale with your staff. It is essential to communicate practice goals and information with the whole team.

Goals without a plan to accomplish them are just ideas. It’s time to take your goals that have been set and create engaging, effective ways to accomplish them. Think about your practice systems. In their present state, will they turn your yearly goals into reality? With step-by-step systems in place, your practice can find it easy to build strong team work systems.

  1. Training And Cross-training.

These days, to increase your dental office productivity, you need agility. Nothing reflects agility like cross-training your dental team! The goal of cross-training is to build a team full of versatile all-stars with “T-shaped” skills. That means that each teammate possesses deep expertise in one area—say, billing—but also has some general skills in other areas, like scheduling and dental marketing. The vertical bar on our letter T represents the depth of related skills and expertise in a single field, and the horizontal bar is their ability to collaborate cross-discipline with experts in other areas and apply knowledge in areas of expertise other than their own.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

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