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Born and raised in the great state of Texas

Cary Smith CEO

Cary Smith, CEO

If you hear Cary lecture in a meeting or on the podcast, you’ll likely hear him say “grow your business, not your risk.” A Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management from the American Hospital Association and the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, Cary’s motivations are focused on the medical entrepreneur, the risks, and easing the burden of practice ownership. His 20 years of experience are deep in developing management solutions to the emerging challenges of human resources and clinical risk management.

Role: Founder & CEO, Network Development, Risk Manager

Location: San Antonio, TX

Hometown: Austin, TX

Background and Philosophy

Growing up within a long line of familial entrepreneurs, Cary’s interests have always centered on developing solutions from market observations. “My forefathers had two choices, go broke or make a living using your wit and skill. Then, once you put yourself into the marketplace, you begin to learn the real lessons of business ownership that a medical degree will not teach you. I think this is where I find the most satisfaction about creating programs that are useful and make life easier for our customers.” When he’s not working, Cary can be found chasing his daughters and yelling “don’t touch that.”

Why Are You Here?

I’m here to serve the medical entrepreneur and make their ownership experience enjoyable. In the work we do, we often see doctors driven to open a clinic but don’t enjoy that deep love for ownership that they were promised. The solution is not simple and singular. It’s systemic and I think that’s the power in what Practice Secure offers. The experts that we have on the team are proven in their integrity, ethics, and expertise, which is a critical motivator for me personally. I get to wake up every day and work with friends who are on a mission to help doctors manifest perfection.